Meet your Sugar Thieves! 

This little beverage company came to life when these two bird brains, Aaron and Edite, decided to do what they love with the person they love to do it with. 

Spontaneous and curious as they are, the pair often sought out the sweetest nectars as they wandered aimlessly about for a couple of years.  Slowly they would take inspiration from their favorite experiences and build a nest of their own with delicious drinks and small bites.

July of 2021, Sugar Thief officially opened its doors and the dedicated duo created a cozy spot to share their creativity. 

Why the name Sugar Thief?

We are inspired by Bonaire's beautiful birds and always love a good play on words. The Bananaquit, also known as a "Sugar Thief," is a bold little bird with a reputation for stealing sweets. With that in mind, part of brewing is yeast "stealing" sugar to create tasty beverages.